Radiohead in Berlin!!!



Tuesday, 8 July 2008
Doors: 17.00 hrs (5 pm)
Showtime: 19.00 hrs (7 pm)

Tickets: 45,20 € incl. fees

Ticket Hotline: 030 - 611 01313
From within Germany only!

From outside of Germany:
+49 30 6110 1313
+49 is the country code for Germany


Two important notes in order for you to save money and hassles:
Tickets bought in advance include round trip travel to and from our venue on Berlin public transport, i.e. "S-Bahn", "U-Bahn", trams and buses (VBB-ticket areas ABC) starting two hours before doors open time until 03.00 hrs (3 am) the following early morning. When requested just show your concert ticket, yes it's as simple as that.
Please note that bringing your own drinks into the venue is only permitted up to a maximum of 0,5 litre per person in a 0,5 litre container/bottle (Tetrapak or plastic). Larger containers/bottles as well as any glass or cans (and of course any dangerous items such as -but not limited to- knives, weapons, fireworks, nazis etc.) are not permitted in for safety reasons. There ARE security checks at the entrance gates and these items WILL be rejected, so don't bother bringing them...
Your co-operation is much appreciated!
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ene radiohead taniltsuuldag tuulai haachchihvaa... listii ni harjiigaa l orood sonschuul ih ashtaihan baisiimsan ....kkk
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